robertchristopher 2020-02-27T05:46:58.002Z

@jysandy Just checking, any updates on the speaker ?

robertchristopher 2020-02-27T05:50:21.002200Z

Have created the meetup invite in the meantime,

jysandy 2020-02-27T05:53:03.002700Z

@robertchristopher not as of yet

robertchristopher 2020-02-27T05:54:49.002900Z

@jysandy Sure, we have not got any speakers yet, so if you could confirm in the next 2 days, that would be helpful

jysandy 2020-02-27T06:03:03.003700Z

@robertchristopher if you're asking about the person I had in mind, he won't be able to speak

jysandy 2020-02-27T06:03:21.004100Z

We will have to find another speaker

robertchristopher 2020-02-27T06:04:26.004300Z

@jysandy It would be great, if we had one speaker from Nilenso, I am, on the other hand trying to reach Go-Jek folks for the 2nd talk

jysandy 2020-02-27T06:05:11.005200Z

I will try to find a speaker. If need be, I think I could also put something together