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https://docs.datomic.com/on-prem/analytics/analytics-configuring.html#configuring-metaschema describes etc-path/datomic, where etc-path is announced by presto as the Etc directory: (no surprises there). so in my case; opt/datomic-pro-1.0.6202/presto-server/etc/datomic/x.edn worked. :thumbsup::skin-tone-2:

kennytilton 2020-12-29T15:00:55.189300Z

Hey, @favila. I am a Datomic noob myself, so caveat lector, but this same ident vs id threw me as well. I did some digging/learning and came up with this epiphany: Datomic is a symbolic database, just as Lisp is a symboic language. The :db/ident attribute is how "symbols" are created. Importantly, these ident/symbols are the only things guaranteed by a future Datomic export/import mechanism. I had thought :db/ids would be that, but no, and that makes sense if idents/symbols have object identity. And <gasp> this is why we do not want to make "too many", just as in Lisp we are careful about loading up the symbol space. Final tip: one fun thing to do is create a new database and then examine the contents. We see Datomic is also a self-hosted DB, creating the primordial idents over a sequence of early transactions, including the ident :db/ident itself. Fun stuff!