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xceno 2021-03-05T18:32:30.110800Z

Well, if you ever find an answer please let me know

em 2021-03-05T23:12:01.111Z

Been digging through the docs all day but couldn't find anything more specific pertinent to this. I'm thinking maybe this is something you'd need to do outside Datomic, on configuring the EC2 instances directly? (for python etc., I don't think we can change JDK for ion applications). Not sure if that'd work. That said, if you're doing heavy compute through python libs etc. I'd imagine you wouldn't really want to run those nodes inside Ions anyway, as the overhead of maintaining query group cache, being part of the High Availability fall back group, etc. is probably not desirable. It would make sense just to spin up your custom compute heavy nodes inside the VPC and access Datomic as a client.