conan 2019-03-29T17:08:02.000500Z

i'd have thought you could blacklist the jetty namespaces using timbre's configuration

conan 2019-03-29T17:08:41.000800Z

you can blacklist specific namespaces, e.g. :ns-blacklist ["*jetty.*"]

conan 2019-03-29T17:08:47.001Z

(or something like that)

conan 2019-03-29T17:09:44.001200Z

you can add that into timbre dynamically with timbre/merge-config!, something like

(timbre/merge-config! {:ns-blacklist  ["*.jetty.*"]})

conan 2019-03-29T17:11:31.001700Z

maybe give that a shot? note that you can actually write your own appender functions to filter messages (or do anything else), so you could drop in a function that says "if it's jetty and doesn't include the word Exception then ignore"