No. I added react/react-dom to the :npm-deps and also set :install-deps to true.


This issue looks very weird to me. I mean, I made no change to the Material-UI packages, I still simply depend on [cljsjs/material-ui "4.9.5-0"] So, even if the build now uses different react packages, I don't understand how this could potentially affect the usage of hooks in Material UI.

Jp Soares 2020-04-29T14:05:10.113300Z

I can't understand either, but for now is not a problem for me to keep this repo configuration. Maybe the new reagent functional-component can fix the issue at some point.


After looking a little into my resulting cljs_deps.js file, I think there might be two copies of React (see point 3 of the error message) in my case. In my old approach (no npm deps, only cljsjs packages), I see only references to cljsjs/react. When I replace the cljsjs dependencies to React with npm deps, I see both references to react in node_modules and to cljsjs/react.


Maybe you could check if you also see two references to react in your cljs_deps.js file. This would at least give an additional hint if this is what's going wrong or not.