bhauman 2020-08-08T14:36:56.245200Z

@borkdude both tabs should get reloaded, if they are both from the same running clojure process but if one is left over from another process it wont reload

bhauman 2020-08-08T14:40:58.245500Z

:source-map is a ClojureScript compile option so that is really up to the ClojureScript compiler,

bhauman 2020-08-08T14:41:29.245700Z

remember that source map generation only works in optimizations :none

borkdude 2020-08-08T14:49:14.245900Z

I looked again and indeed, that's also what I'm seeing now. I must have mixed something up

borkdude 2020-08-08T14:51:20.246100Z

Hope your new church-house is coming along :)