msolli 2021-04-14T06:15:15.054300Z

OK, so I’ve enabled AOT cache with :aot-cache true in the compiler options. I also wiped the ~/.cljs/.aot_cache directory just in case. I experience the same phenomenon: The initial compile takes 40 seconds, the first recompile takes 6-8 minutes, the subsequent recompiles takes 6 seconds.

msolli 2021-04-14T07:05:06.054500Z

I’m on Clojurescript 1.10.844, by the way. I’ve tried downgrading to 1.10.764, but the problem persisted.

msolli 2021-04-14T07:36:19.054700Z

I wish I knew how to get more insight in what the computer is doing during those 6-8 minutes. It seems to be mostly waiting, since there is hardly any CPU activity. I’ve rebooted it, and there’s not much else going on.

msolli 2021-04-14T10:06:00.054900Z

Just tried one more thing: I copied the config to a foo.cljs.edn file and ran lein fig -- --build foo --repl (ie. not using figwheel.main.api). It showed the same phenomenon of around 6 minutes recompile time after the first file change.