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3Jane 2019-07-20T11:05:37.000900Z

Hey, if not "language/area X developer", then how do you describe yourself to people who don't know you?

3Jane 2019-07-20T11:05:45.001100Z

(Unless you don't have this problem because of network etc)

3Jane 2019-07-20T11:07:08.001300Z

My experience is that when meeting new people, they use "X developer from location Y" as a relevancy filter

3Jane 2019-07-20T11:08:02.001600Z

(solve for X being "backend", "python", "activex", whatever)

seancorfield 2019-07-20T19:21:56.002Z

Technical area is fine esp. in these days of backend v. frontend v. full-stack v. etc. I'm mostly cautioning about identifying as a very narrow, specific kind of developer. It's fine to lead with an area and follow up with qualifiers. If someone tells me they're a Python Developer, I'm going to assume that they really don't know anything else.