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bozhidar 2021-03-23T07:37:15.005100Z

> @tim.j.robinson Interesting to notice that @bozhidar works on TopTal (he is the CTO if I'm not wrong), and can answer if they do regular Clojure projects. Yeah, I do work at Toptal. (I'm not the CTO, though - VP of R&D actually, but close enough I guess 😄 ) I'm obviously a bit biased, but I do believe that we're a higher quality platform for freelance work than most alternatives. That being said I'm not sure how many clients have Clojure-based projects or are open to adopt Clojure for their projects. As my focus is on the development on our platform and related tools I don't keep a close eye on the business metrics. I'm thinking that many of the smaller clients that are just starting to build their product will probably be open to Clojure if someone pitches it to them the right way.

Tim Robinson 2021-03-23T13:19:14.005300Z

Thanks, I'm planning to register with them when I get time