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Aron 2021-05-04T05:07:12.134500Z

wow @drewverlee, you got me before the first comma.

Aron 2021-05-04T05:07:35.134700Z

I think I will just resign and not try to ask for more.

Aron 2021-05-04T05:07:40.134900Z

I hate these games.


I wouldn't put to much stock in any general analysis, use your own judgment, you have the most information. I was just trying to articulate that I think there is a hidden cost to the competitive mindset so many of us favor. Be confident that your likely the most knowledgeable person on your circumstances I would suggest understanding which way the wind is blowing and moving with it rather then trying to blow against it through. .

Aron 2021-05-04T14:00:05.135600Z

Thanks 🙂 It just hit home very much, but don't worry, not going to oversimply it either. I just had to understand that I am going to have to do something here that I was not expecting

caumond 2021-05-04T19:43:24.135800Z

Funny to see the 40 hours per week is the only "constant" factor in all plans