bastilla 2021-05-31T07:40:44.008400Z

Our discussion held me from giving up on Luminus. And 10 minutes ago, I saw that devs discussed this exact issue on github: <> With a final verdict on 16 April from <@U050CBXUZ> that, "_things are mostly working, ..._ [with one] _particular issue ... specific to ring-proxy_". In other words, the new template release should have resolved it BUT my experience this week showed a complete mess with `+war`. If the older template version works, fine by me! But an additional need to downgrade Leinigen as well shows me, this approach might open up a can of worms. I'll study this and the new input you've given me this week. * _Fingers crossed*_ EDIT: ~(Btw, are you sure you got the right link to reddit? It does not seem to be related to this issue at first sight.)~ *Got it now!* Ok, I'll give updates on my story. Thanks, man!!