practicalli (youtube)

Yep, using -A or C-u and editing the command woks fine. Sadly, still cannot resolve my issue with cider-clojuredocs not working. I've tried everything I can think of and am now out of ideas. Nobody elase seems to be able to reproduce the issue, so it has to be something unique to what I'm doing, but I can't find it. I even have the same issue on different accounts and on different machines. Looks like either I will have to not use codumentation lookup from within emacs, use non-spacemacs config or stick with lein projects. very frustrating. Anyway, thanks for getting to the bottom of the -M and for your other assistance.

practicalli-john 2020-10-23T09:11:33.111400Z

I'll take another look at the clojuredocs command over the weekend. You could backup your own .spacemacs config and try mine, to see if it makes any difference. You would just need to move your .spacemacs out of the way and clone this repo to ~/.spacemacs.d and start Emacs (it may give a warning about the fira font not being there, but otherwise should work fine)


OK, I'll give that a go. I already us the fira fonts, so that is not an issue.

practicalli-john 2020-10-23T13:05:42.112100Z

I have a PR with the fix for the -M flag in Cider, so hopefully that will be included in the next release. Its only moving two lines, so you could also hack the code in the cider package in ~/.emacs.d/elpa/.../cider.../cider.el


Sad news. Installed from spacemacs.d repository, using deps.edn from clojure-deps-edn repository and tried out project cloned from four-clojure repository and have the same problem. Only thing I changed in spacemacs.d was theme (gotham) and font size. Also wiped out .cache and elpa directories from .emacs.d so that all was 'fresh'. Updated to latest spacemacs develop as well.