practicalli (youtube)

@jr0cket Finally worked out what the issue is thanks to some help from Martin Racak. When running under spacemacs, you must load/evaluate the buffer at least once before documentation links work correctly (e.g. , h). Once you have loaded or evaluated the buffer, all works fine. This is not the case outside of spacemacs.

practicalli-john 2020-10-25T19:04:18.114Z

Great news. I think I tend to evaluate code before using doc functions. I am also used to just typing clojure something in a browser. However, having clojuredocs function now, I'm more likely to stay in Emacs.


Yes, I tend to use cider-apropos and cider-clojuredocs quite a bit and being able to do this quickly and easily inside emacs is something I've grown very use to. Still a bit weird that you don't need to manually evaluate the buffer when using pretty much the same setup outside of spacemacs. I originally 'discovered' this issue when working on a brand new project. I hadn't yet evaluated the buffer because I hadn't yet written anything needing evaluation. I wanted to just check the docs for a core function and did , h d and that is when the wheels dropped off!