practicalli (youtube)
lread 2021-01-12T13:34:16.384200Z

The confusion could be specific to my brain. The content changes and my brain sez “hey, what just changed?” and the content doesn’t tell me. I think you are right, it should not matter, but my brain is not always reasonable. I would get at least a couple of other person’s opinions before making a change here.

lread 2021-01-12T14:03:11.385600Z

Thanks! Maybe I have some old rotting config from previous Calva experiments. I’ll start from a clean Clava install and try again.

lread 2021-01-12T14:36:30.385800Z

@jr0cket explicitly saving the json settings files did the trick, much thanks!

practicalli-john 2021-01-12T16:45:29.386Z

Good to know, I'll update the page, thanks for the very useful feedback.

lread 2021-01-12T18:38:36.386200Z

Thank you, as usual, for all your great guides!