p-himik 2020-09-26T06:21:35.004Z

A small thing that I immediately noticed - both package.json and package-lock.json are in .gitignore. Don't do that. Commit both files, always.

p-himik 2020-09-26T06:39:06.004200Z

And now that I got a bit deeper... what am I looking at? It doesn't even look like an attempt to create a minimal example - it has more than 1kloc! Its deps.edn is almost 250 lines! Is the ui/components/copiright.cljs really related to the problem? Doesn't look like it. ui/utils.cljs is not used by anything. Why does it need all that Material UI crud when your problem is with re-frame itself? Your original code is not even there - sure, I could find it, but the onus shouldn't be shifted on me. I could go on, but I hope you get the picture. Please, try to reduce it. It shouldn't be more than a 100loc. It shouldn't have any dependencies other than re-frame related ones. It shouldn't have a 250loc deps.edn.