Do all rerendered components use Layer 2 subscriptions?

bastilla 2021-05-12T16:50:44.454100Z

@jahson thanks for chiming in, and good question. I'll go through all view fns again and do one proper style that's uniform across all views. (Just to be sure should this come up again.) The reason behind all this was exactly that de-referencing of app-db at a later point (-- ALL views did that eventually). And as @p-himik pointed out, I should avoid private APIs. So that did the trick. I did some re-structuring of code which is way cleaner now. Also I reduced the returning of the whole app-db (in order to inspect) to only dicisive fractions of app-db (which is a subscription of is own now, as it should be.) The original sin of mine is certainly that I want to use re-frame in a way it's not build to be used. The technique @p-himik showed above (`(subscribe [:my-sub :path :in :db])`) will certainly help to go beyond this. Cheers & thanks again to you guys!