A minimalistic ClojureScript interface to React.js
Yuta Sakurai 2020-08-24T12:42:46.019500Z

Finally I tried to them below and works fine. • upgrade reagent from "0.8.1" to "0.10.0" • Latest code:

(ns tsuguten.component.animation-lantern
    ["react" :refer [useRef useState]]
    ["react-three-fiber" :refer [Canvas useFrame] :as rtf]
    [reagent.core :as rc]
    ["three" :refer [Mesh

(defn fn$animation-lantern
  (let [mesh-ref (useRef)]
      [:> Canvas
       [:pointLight {:position (clj->js [10 10 10])}]
       [:mesh {:ref mesh-ref
               :scale (clj->js [1 1 1])}
        [:boxBufferGeometry {:attach "geometry"
                             :args (clj->js [1 1 1])}]
        [:meshStandardMaterial {:attach "material"
                                :color "hotpink"}]]])))

(defn $animation-lantern
  (fn []
    [:> fn$animation-lantern]))
$animation-lantern can use as an element of hiccup form like this: [$animation-lantern] This code works fine. I hope this will help.