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👋 Welcome clojurians!

This is Clojurians Log v2 which is an archive of the clojurians slack.

The wealth of knowledge being shared on the clojurians slack server is immense. Capturing, conserving, and making this discourse complete, easily accessible, and searchable should greatly benefit the community as a whole.

This project has received funding for 3 months by Clojurists Together. Thanks to the amazing Clojurists Together team and the awesome folks of the clojure community for their support 🥳 🌸

Searching the entire archive

Use the top right box to search over ~2 million messages from the logs! The search queries supports some special syntax like:

  • Search for `clojure` for a simple search
  • Search for `clojure spaghetti` for messages containing both clojure and spaghetti (PS: you won't get back any results 😉)
  • Search for `plant OR soil` for messages containing either plant or soil
  • Search for `macro -magic` for finding a macro which isn't magical
  • Search for `"macro magic"` for finding the most magical macros

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