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roberto 2016-04-30T01:07:12.000111Z

borkdude 2016-04-30T08:46:34.000113Z

@luke: I was wondering why exactly Datomic is needed for configuration. It sounds like a huge dependency for a small thing.

niwinz 2016-04-30T09:15:40.000114Z

if the main objective of @arachne is remove complexity for the user, having this kind of constrain and this kind of configuration is a little bit contradictory... datomic syntax is not very obvios for the new users...

borkdude 2016-04-30T09:20:17.000115Z

@niwinz: Datomic schema is only the machine's view of a config

niwinz 2016-04-30T09:20:44.000116Z

@borkdude: thanks for the clarification

borkdude 2016-04-30T09:21:16.000117Z

@niwinz: The programmer will be dealing with a DSL that can be provided per module, if I understand correctly

roberto 2016-04-30T11:00:18.000118Z

I like the ideas, they are novel and remind me about the Information Model that Michael Drogalis talks about

crimeminister 2016-04-30T17:02:16.000119Z

I enjoyed the overview video, it is sparking lots of ideas for me, and feels quite Clojure-y