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luke 2016-08-01T13:17:43.000012Z

There isn’t a lot to talk about yet 🙂

luke 2016-08-01T13:17:51.000013Z

Although work is progressing steadily

borkdude 2016-08-01T14:41:43.000014Z

@luke: good to hear

luke 2016-08-01T14:42:41.000016Z

You’ve seen that the repos are live and public? You can track progress there if you’re interested, though I wouldn’t recommend trying to do anything with it for a while yet (only stuff done so far is back-end plumbing)

borkdude 2016-08-01T14:45:09.000017Z

@luke: haven't checked it, but will take a glance. Didn't mean to disturb you, just curious as hell 😉

luke 2016-08-01T14:46:13.000018Z

luke 2016-08-01T14:46:33.000020Z

Once I have something worth showing, I’ll be doing more screencasts etc.

anmonteiro 2016-08-01T14:47:31.000021Z

@luke: one thing I was curious about the repos is if it was on purpose or an oversight that this one’s src is empty?

anmonteiro 2016-08-01T14:48:09.000024Z

I was mostly curious about that one for a (very very early) example of usage

luke 2016-08-01T14:48:14.000025Z

purpose, that isn’t done yet. It’s going to be an example project but the core hasn’t stabilized enough to implement yet

anmonteiro 2016-08-01T14:48:24.000026Z

gotcha, looking forward!