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gdeer81 2017-01-20T19:46:53.000039Z

Is today still the alpha release date?

luke 2017-01-20T19:47:11.000040Z

Yes! Though more accurately: tonight. Still frantically writing docs 🙂

luke 2017-01-20T19:47:42.000041Z

There will definitely be some stubs, had a couple issues in the last day or two. But the code is all there and working, and what docs are missing will be fleshed out over the next week.

mindenaaron 2017-01-20T19:55:31.000042Z


mindenaaron 2017-01-20T19:55:43.000044Z


gdeer81 2017-01-20T19:55:45.000045Z

so part of the release is some default modules?

luke 2017-01-20T19:56:25.000047Z

Yep, we’ll be shipping with http, pedestal, an asset pipeline, clojurescript (using the asset pipeline) and figwheel

gdeer81 2017-01-20T19:56:42.000048Z

a security module?

luke 2017-01-20T19:58:24.000049Z

so security isn’t really something you can add after the fact: it’s more a matter of not making one of a zillion possible omissions. So it probably won’t have its own module (although maybe an adversarial robo-testing module would be a good idea). Security will be more of a “by default” thing and will be accomplished by having the right Pedestal interceptors running automatically, etc.

luke 2017-01-20T19:58:36.000050Z

I haven’t done any kind of a security sweep or audit yet… this release is just a developers alpha.

gdeer81 2017-01-20T19:59:15.000051Z

okay, I'll stop bothering you and let you finish writing the docs 🙂