Shantanu Kumar 2016-11-29T11:34:36.000211Z

@jerry Can you lead the code kata session in the 3rd Dec meetup?

jerry 2016-11-29T11:44:01.000212Z

@kumarshantanu Sure, I can do that 👍

Shantanu Kumar 2016-11-29T11:44:15.000213Z

cool, i’ll create the event

jerry 2016-11-29T11:44:25.000214Z

Sounds good :simple_smile:

Shantanu Kumar 2016-11-29T11:50:07.000215Z

I have created the event:

Shantanu Kumar 2016-11-29T11:50:28.000217Z

@akshat Please feel free to edit the map (you have access)