Shantanu Kumar 2016-12-12T06:06:53.000017Z

Posting again, since I didn’t see any response to my question last time. 🙂 Would 7th January (Saturday) be a good date for the next meetup? /cc @wallydrag

wallydrag 2016-12-12T06:11:54.000018Z

hey sorry i missed that, yeah 7 th jan would be good :thumbsup:

Shantanu Kumar 2016-12-12T06:34:52.000019Z

One of the interests we saw in the last meetup was to have a Clojure “webapp" 101 kind of a session. Would anybody be interested in presenting that?

Shantanu Kumar 2016-12-12T06:52:56.000020Z

Also, if anybody would like to host the meetup on 7th Jan please let us know.

jerry 2016-12-12T07:10:36.000021Z

Sorry, Shantanu, didn’t see your earlier msg.

jerry 2016-12-12T07:11:33.000022Z

Yes, 7th looks good. I think we had also discussed we’d have it on the 2nd Saturday, and everyone had agreed.

jerry 2016-12-12T07:12:57.000023Z

About the webapp session, Ranjeet had said he would try to present it himself or find a substitute. Right @raeoks?

raeoks 2016-12-12T07:13:37.000026Z

@jerry 7 sounds good

jerry 2016-12-12T07:13:46.000027Z


jerry 2016-12-12T07:13:56.000028Z

@kumarshantanu ☝️

Shantanu Kumar 2016-12-12T08:14:50.000029Z

@jerry Yes, (with my apology) we had discussed about 2nd Saturday. But, I saw the 2nd Saturday would be on 14 Jan, which would be about middle of Jan so I thought of asking about 7th. We can still ask people for 7th va 14th.

jerry 2016-12-12T08:41:22.000031Z


varunited 2016-12-12T09:33:45.000032Z

Can we have it on 14th?