Shantanu Kumar 2017-04-23T08:12:15.395327Z

Can somebody from Quintype please help with the exact office location on the HAL Main Road? @robertchristopher @ashishnegi

Shantanu Kumar 2017-04-23T08:12:40.396600Z

Is it between Maruti showroom and Cloud-9?

Shantanu Kumar 2017-04-23T08:13:12.398085Z

It seems the map location is incorrect, as @anujsays reported today.

Shantanu Kumar 2017-04-23T08:13:44.399554Z

I’m trying to edit the location in the map.

robertchristopher 2017-04-23T08:14:30.401602Z

@kumarshantanu it is above yes bank, the building next to cloud 9

Shantanu Kumar 2017-04-23T08:15:43.404946Z

@robertchristopher Is it the same location as Potters House Church?

robertchristopher 2017-04-23T08:17:58.411489Z

@kumarshantanu it is the building next to it

Shantanu Kumar 2017-04-23T08:18:32.413130Z

I have set the new location, could you please confirm that the location is correct? You are also in the host list, so you should have the permission.

robertchristopher 2017-04-23T08:18:42.413537Z

Just checked Google maps, we have a proper location pinned in it, just search for quintype

Shantanu Kumar 2017-04-23T08:19:28.415749Z

Earlier the location was near Vittal Malya Road.

robertchristopher 2017-04-23T08:23:59.429252Z

@kumarshantanu I have updated the right location now in the meet up page

Shantanu Kumar 2017-04-23T08:24:55.431708Z

@robertchristopher Thanks!