wistb 2017-07-21T05:29:44.007359Z

Are there any (in Bangalore) who is using datomic in their production application ? Do you mind a chat with us ? thank you

wistb 2017-07-21T05:39:14.100028Z

Also, is anyone (in Bangalore) using clojureScript in their production application ?

Shantanu Kumar 2017-07-21T05:45:38.160517Z

@wistb AFAIK Nilenso folks have used Datomic (and probably CLJS too) in prod, but not sure if they are tracking this channel. @jysandy

wistb 2017-07-21T05:54:38.247071Z

Thank you @kumarshantanu

jysandy 2017-07-21T05:58:28.285535Z

@wistb we are putting CLJS in prod

jysandy 2017-07-21T05:58:52.289366Z

we have used datomic but that was quite some time ago

jysandy 2017-07-21T05:58:57.290306Z

cc @srihari

wistb 2017-07-21T06:04:56.358396Z

Thank you @jysandy . Are you available for an informal chat with our team on datomic/Cljs ?

jysandy 2017-07-21T06:07:12.383212Z

So I personally have not used Datomic, and I can’t speak about that. However I can talk about cljs 🙂

jysandy 2017-07-21T06:07:31.386466Z


wistb 2017-07-21T06:08:05.392574Z

@jysandy cool .. let me know a time , I will setup a zoom session.

jysandy 2017-07-21T06:08:42.399153Z

ok, let’s DM

jysandy 2017-07-21T06:09:55.411928Z

Also: you can email us at <|>, or tweet at us. We’d be happy to answer questions

Shantanu Kumar 2017-07-21T06:10:08.414423Z

@wistb Which company do you work for? Just curious.