abiduzz420 2017-12-10T08:41:27.000046Z

Heyy @adityaathalye Thanks for the explanation. I didn't know about the compile/runtime diff b/w function and a macro.

adityaathalye 2017-12-10T10:53:47.000009Z

This is also the reason why one can't pass a macro as an argument to a function. i.e. while macros are also functions of data->data, they are not "first-class", because they are meaningless in a run-time context. An unevaluated macro would be meaningless at run-time, because it can't do anything with the source code any more.

adityaathalye 2017-12-10T10:58:26.000001Z

Ooh, this thread has appeared an opportune moment. Directly related to what we are discussing now ...

Shantanu Kumar 2017-12-10T14:45:57.000075Z

Has anybody tried this CLJS wrapper for Vue.js?