robertchristopher 2018-08-06T02:05:06.000089Z

@srihari The next meetup is scheduled on the 1st of September, The last week meetup was a hack session, without an talks

srihari 2018-08-06T03:26:10.000049Z

We’ll be happy to host the next meetup at nilenso, @robertchristopher 🙂

srihari 2018-08-06T03:39:00.000111Z

Would we like for it to be a hack session as well?

robertchristopher 2018-08-06T03:43:28.000039Z

@srihari Yes, that would be great

robertchristopher 2018-08-06T03:44:15.000087Z

Let me put up an invite in meetup and update the venue, if you have any plans on the hack session, send in a brief, I shall update that too

srihari 2018-08-06T03:53:51.000063Z

Cool, I’ll let you know about the details on the hack session.

srihari 2018-08-06T03:53:55.000074Z

Thanks @robertchristopher!