jysandy 2019-07-05T03:57:00.008500Z were you using an editor-integrated REPL? That’s typically far better than lein repl from the console.

anonfish 2019-07-05T04:31:29.009300Z

@jysandy Interesting. I remember reading about Light Table as a good IDE for Clojure. Will give it a try.

jysandy 2019-07-05T06:43:17.010200Z the two most popular Clojure editors out there are CIDER for emacs and Cursive. Light Table’s development was abandoned a while ago AFAIK.

Shantanu Kumar 2019-07-05T10:39:22.011100Z And probably 3rd/4th popular Clojure editors would be Atom+ProtoREPL and VisualStudioCode+Calva