srihari 2021-05-01T09:17:43.011700Z

Hey folks, Iโ€™m on, and waiting to be let in. Is there something else I should be doing? @kumarshantanu @pradeep.bishnoi @robertchristopher

Pradeep B 2021-05-01T09:19:12.012600Z

waiting for @robertchristopher to join and he is the admin for this google meet link.

Shantanu Kumar 2021-05-01T09:19:22.012800Z

@srihari I'm waiting as well - @robertchristopher can you admit us?

Shantanu Kumar 2021-05-01T09:29:12.013600Z

The meetup has started here: (anybody wanting to join now, please do so)

srihari 2021-05-01T10:51:10.014400Z

@pradeep.bishnoi The slides are here: One can download it from there to be able to click on links. For some reason speakerdeck doesnโ€™t allow you to do that.

Pradeep B 2021-05-01T11:22:53.014900Z

Thanks @srihari for spending time with us today. It was good and discussion was really helpful.

Steven Deobald 2021-05-01T18:07:27.015700Z

Sorry I missed you, @srihari... I didn't manage to get to sleep early enough last night to make the 3am wakeup to attend. ๐Ÿ˜…