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r00z 2016-04-18T04:19:55.000024Z

+32 483 069 678, here is my number just in case, if I would forget a red flower today:)

r00z 2016-04-18T04:22:34.000025Z

Yes, clojurescript and cljsn is quite interesting topic, it's pity for me to miss it

r00z 2016-04-18T04:23:58.000026Z

@tgoossens: ok, I'll try to arrange something after 16th of may

stijn 2016-04-18T08:00:43.000027Z

yes, lets do the cryptocurrency talk in Hasselt

stijn 2016-04-18T08:01:15.000028Z

@r00z: we were thinking the week of 6th to 10th of June.

stijn 2016-04-18T08:01:28.000029Z

wednesday or thursday, would that be ok?

r00z 2016-04-18T08:06:56.000030Z

yes, it's ok for me

r00z 2016-04-18T08:08:30.000031Z

I'll talk with Corda guys about a place and Dsquare about some kind of sponsorship for snacks and drinks

stijn 2016-04-18T08:08:51.000032Z

ok cool, when you have confirmed a date, just let me know and I'll put it up on

r00z 2016-04-18T08:08:58.000033Z


r00z 2016-04-18T08:12:11.000034Z

you can follow a twitter of my side project related to blockchain

r00z 2016-04-18T08:15:20.000036Z

and join of course if you are interested:)