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raymcdermott 2016-05-17T06:29:19.000090Z

@danipov: sorry but I haven’t used it … you’re still searching for the big framework I see πŸ˜‰

danipov 2016-05-17T09:03:21.000091Z

@raymcdermott: haha Selmer is the default templating system Luminus uses. I actually compared Arachne and Luminus, they have the same goal.

danipov 2016-05-17T09:11:58.000093Z

Same goal but a different approach.

r00z 2016-05-17T11:02:35.000094Z

Hi guys, what is an average/maximum number of people attending BeClojure meetup?

r00z 2016-05-17T11:03:26.000095Z

I need some estimations for Freecoin meetup talk

r00z 2016-05-17T11:03:52.000096Z

There is another company interested to host it in June

janvanryswyck 2016-05-17T11:22:43.000097Z

@danipov Listened to this episode of the Cognicast over the weekend ( and Luminus didn’t even got mentioned once.

raymcdermott 2016-05-17T11:43:31.000099Z

@r00z: last time around was ~20 but I don’t think we have enough data points to give a great prediction

r00z 2016-05-17T11:43:44.000100Z

I see :_

r00z 2016-05-17T11:43:50.000101Z


raymcdermott 2016-05-17T11:46:23.000102Z

@danipov: the Arachne project met its funding goal so maybe they will be more willing to recognise the other options now πŸ˜‰

danipov 2016-05-17T11:58:02.000103Z

@raymcdermott: hopefully πŸ˜€ ! The more the merrier!

danipov 2016-05-17T12:11:34.000104Z

@janvanryswyck: I will check it out πŸ˜‰. I am really excited about Arachne, can't wait to try it out and compare it to Luminus. Luke actually gave a very good description about how Arachne and Luminus differ.

janvanryswyck 2016-05-17T12:15:07.000106Z

It definitely looks very promising

janvanryswyck 2016-05-17T12:15:26.000107Z

Hopefully there will be some bits to play around with in the next couple of months

raymcdermott 2016-05-17T12:32:39.000108Z

If you want to take a different view about how to program the web you can also look at Hoplon

raymcdermott 2016-05-17T12:32:41.000109Z

raymcdermott 2016-05-17T12:35:51.000111Z

NEXT MEETUP: We are booked in for the 28th June for a hack night in Brussels at the Brussels University software lab!!

raymcdermott 2016-05-17T12:36:59.000112Z

Plan: get everybody set up with the live coding workflow that are so awesome in CLJS

raymcdermott 2016-05-17T12:37:36.000113Z

And let the fun begin πŸ€“

danipov 2016-05-17T12:43:14.000114Z

Damn πŸ˜₯! The 28th I am in Sweden...

tgoossens 2016-05-17T12:56:34.000115Z

@r00z: we never had more than 25 so far

raymcdermott 2016-05-17T12:57:42.000116Z

@danipov: damn shame. Send your boss instead πŸ˜‰

danipov 2016-05-17T13:02:35.000117Z

Haha I'll try. In case there will be a presentation feel free to upload it to Youtube πŸ˜‰

raymcdermott 2016-05-17T13:28:03.000118Z

It will be more hands on this time around

raymcdermott 2016-05-17T20:42:30.000121Z

Hello @verhoevenv

verhoevenv 2016-05-17T21:33:53.000122Z

Hello everyone!

danipov 2016-05-17T21:36:00.000123Z

Hey πŸ™‚

danipov 2016-05-17T21:57:21.000124Z

Finally made it to chapter 4 in 'The Brave and True' the real work has begun. 😁