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raymcdermott 2016-05-18T06:00:40.000125Z

Quick straw poll amongst the folks here … what’s your favourite REPL?

raymcdermott 2016-05-18T06:33:06.000126Z

Mine is the REPL from Cursive … multi-line edits FTW

janvanryswyck 2016-05-18T06:44:13.000127Z

I’ve started using Cursive a couple of weeks ago. I like the REPL integration, but at this phase I’m rather new enough to not have favorite things yet 🙂

janvanryswyck 2016-05-18T06:46:25.000128Z

I was wondering though whether it is possible to issue the “lein run” command from within IntelliJ?

stijn 2016-05-18T07:01:56.000129Z

mine is the cursive REPL too (for daily work), another great one is Gorrilla REPL ( for quickly drawing stuff

stijn 2016-05-18T07:03:04.000130Z

@janvanryswyck: that's a good question, I haven't used lein run in the last 2 years or so 🙂

stijn 2016-05-18T07:03:45.000131Z

you can run a namespace from Cursive

janvanryswyck 2016-05-18T07:04:45.000132Z

@stijn: I’ve been dabbling with Luminus and the docs indicated that in order to run the app “lein run” was appropriate 🙂

stijn 2016-05-18T07:04:46.000133Z

but that won't run through lein

stijn 2016-05-18T07:05:09.000134Z

@janvanryswyck: it probably is 🙂

raymcdermott 2016-05-18T07:05:31.000135Z

@janvanryswyck: you can run lein repl from a terminal in cursive but not sure why you would

stijn 2016-05-18T07:05:53.000136Z

I'm using stuart sierra's component with his reloaded workflow, where you only interact with the repl for running your app

stijn 2016-05-18T07:06:04.000137Z

and in production just a jar

raymcdermott 2016-05-18T07:06:09.000138Z

@janvanryswyck: lein run is usually just to fire up the web server

stijn 2016-05-18T07:06:30.000139Z

stijn 2016-05-18T07:06:43.000141Z

but, not sure how well that plays with luminus

janvanryswyck 2016-05-18T07:06:52.000142Z

@raymcdermott: Yeah, probably for the web server

stijn 2016-05-18T07:07:30.000143Z

OK, they use mount, which is similar to component in functionality

janvanryswyck 2016-05-18T07:07:31.000144Z

@stijn: I think Luminus is using mount instead of component, but not entirely sure

raymcdermott 2016-05-18T07:07:51.000145Z

@stijn: I didn’t know about gorilla repl - nice!

janvanryswyck 2016-05-18T07:08:02.000146Z

@stijn mount it is 🙂

stijn 2016-05-18T07:08:03.000147Z

so, you can actually use the same type of workflow as with component

janvanryswyck 2016-05-18T07:08:39.000148Z

Loading in a “component” and interact with the REPL that is?

stijn 2016-05-18T07:08:55.000149Z

restarting the entire system when you change your code

raymcdermott 2016-05-18T07:09:17.000151Z

Did you see Stuart Sierra’s presentation at Clojure West about his workflow at the REPL? If not, well worth watching as he goes into the issues of managing state at the REPL as you do work interactively

stijn 2016-05-18T07:09:19.000152Z

it's explained at the bottom of that page

stijn 2016-05-18T07:09:32.000153Z

@raymcdermott: it's on my to watch list 🙂

janvanryswyck 2016-05-18T07:10:36.000154Z

I’ll have a look at it. Thanks guys

raymcdermott 2016-05-18T07:44:14.000155Z

Something for your listening pleasure….

raymcdermott 2016-05-18T07:44:15.000156Z

raymcdermott 2016-05-18T07:44:59.000158Z

It’s a podcast by myself and Vijay Kiran (organiser of Dutch Clojure Days) all about CLJ & CLJS

danipov 2016-05-18T09:11:49.000159Z

@raymcdermott: Like mentioned on twitter I use Atom as IDE. And I use Proto-repl in combination with Atom Ink (to get in code feedback).

danipov 2016-05-18T09:15:43.000160Z

stijn 2016-05-18T09:18:35.000162Z

@danipov: that looks pretty neat too

raymcdermott 2016-05-18T09:35:28.000163Z

One more to throw in the mix: Planck … native OS/X which is super quick which make it useful for scripting tasks

raymcdermott 2016-05-18T09:35:29.000164Z

haduart 2016-05-18T09:41:44.000165Z

cool @raymcdermott , does anyone has experience in OS/X development with Clojure/ClojureScript?

raymcdermott 2016-05-18T09:43:55.000166Z

AFAIK most build on node/electron rather than going into the Swift/Objective-C libs

raymcdermott 2016-05-18T09:44:55.000167Z

Just checked Planck and I was wrong - it’s built on JavaScriptCore

raymcdermott 2016-05-18T11:10:19.000169Z

hi @vijaykiran - awesome podcast dude 😉

vijaykiran 2016-05-18T11:20:17.000170Z

I know .. right? Did you pay attention to the other guy on the podcast? he’s equally awesome if not more 😉

stijn 2016-05-18T12:17:22.000171Z

it seems like i HAVE to listen to it tonight 🙂

danipov 2016-05-18T12:56:26.000172Z

The podcast is also available on soundcloud 🤘

haduart 2016-05-18T13:00:00.000174Z

thanks @danipov ! I prefer soundcloud than itunes 🙂

raymcdermott 2016-05-18T13:38:41.000176Z

The RSS feed is

raymcdermott 2016-05-18T13:59:47.000177Z

@haduart: we should push the soundcloud option more, probably attractive to quite a few in this audience

danipov 2016-05-18T14:17:55.000178Z

@raymcdermott: I have a macbook but I never use Itunes... still have bad memories of the whole iphone syncing process.

danipov 2016-05-18T14:18:49.000179Z

+ you can use soundcloud on your mobile device 😁

raymcdermott 2016-05-18T20:09:12.000180Z

true that @danipov and I also never use iTunes directly - except to listen to music that I bought back in the day. iTunes is however the directory which most podcast clients use (I use overcast)

danipov 2016-05-18T20:27:53.000181Z

@raymcdermott: Speaking about apple products. Was it me or was the iPad you were using during the last meetup bigger than usual?

danipov 2016-05-18T20:29:49.000182Z

Speaking of*

raymcdermott 2016-05-18T20:32:59.000183Z

@danipov: yes twas an iPad Pro 12.9 - thing of beauty. I mostly use it for visualisations (including those slides). Maybe I should post them somewhere!