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raymcdermott 2016-05-19T09:13:22.000184Z

BTW there was a little fuss on the Twitter around REPLs recently

tgoossens 2016-05-19T10:54:40.000186Z

@raymcdermott: we have a beclojure github. Maybe you can upload them there ? I'll give you access

raymcdermott 2016-05-19T11:20:14.000187Z

@tgoossens: yes that would be great

r00z 2016-05-19T14:49:35.000188Z

Hi guys, I've received an answer from Kunstmaan - they can host a meetup about freecoin

r00z 2016-05-19T14:49:51.000189Z

>> Igor, we can host about 20 in our offices. Do you have an exact date so i can check the availability?

r00z 2016-05-19T14:50:14.000190Z

I don't have any preference about a date

r00z 2016-05-19T14:51:27.000191Z

can you propose any dates? I know best date fro Eduard is 1st of June. He'll be in Belgium that day

raymcdermott 2016-05-19T19:47:39.000192Z

sounds great to me.

r00z 2016-05-19T20:25:14.000193Z

ok, I will propose to him 1st of June

r00z 2016-05-19T20:25:40.000194Z

if it would be not possible - any other day in a first half of June