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raymcdermott 2016-05-25T07:14:44.000348Z

thanks - good to know. Like I say, it’s not fun with EBS (admin must snapshot first)

danipov 2016-05-25T07:50:08.000349Z

Good morning everyone πŸ™‚

danipov 2016-05-25T07:51:04.000350Z

Is someone planning to go to any upcoming Clojure Events?

raymcdermott 2016-05-25T07:58:13.000351Z

Definitely going to EuroClojure, have been to the last three and they were high quality events

raymcdermott 2016-05-25T07:58:21.000352Z

oh and good morning too πŸ™‚

danipov 2016-05-25T08:00:24.000353Z

I also would like to go πŸ™‚ and EuroClojure really seems like a MUST.

raymcdermott 2016-05-25T08:01:53.000354Z

It’s definitely a nice way to visit a bunch of European cities that you might otherwise miss (modulo Berlin and Barcleona!)

raymcdermott 2016-05-25T08:06:44.000355Z

ryan air flights are dirt cheap right now

danipov 2016-05-25T08:08:44.000356Z

Nice I will check it out πŸ™‚

raymcdermott 2016-05-25T08:09:34.000357Z

also see

raymcdermott 2016-05-25T08:09:56.000358Z

react conf the same week, same place

raymcdermott 2016-05-25T08:10:20.000359Z

they picked a bad domain name πŸ˜‰

danipov 2016-05-25T08:10:59.000360Z


stijn 2016-05-25T08:17:11.000361Z

stijn 2016-05-25T08:17:15.000363Z

is the same πŸ™‚

raymcdermott 2016-05-25T08:17:44.000364Z

better domain that one πŸ˜‰

stijn 2016-05-25T08:17:57.000365Z

and with a valid certificate πŸ™‚

danipov 2016-05-25T08:18:19.000366Z


tgoossens 2016-05-25T16:33:56.000367Z

How about euroclojure Brussels :D

danipov 2016-05-25T18:27:09.000368Z

I like that idea πŸ˜‰