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raymcdermott 2016-06-14T06:52:26.000002Z

FYI we have a new podcast edition - all about REPLs … with Mike Fikes!

raymcdermott 2016-06-14T06:52:46.000003Z

raymcdermott 2016-06-14T06:53:06.000005Z

tgoossens 2016-06-14T07:01:53.000007Z

Can someone try to take some pictures tonight?

haduart 2016-06-14T07:15:40.000008Z

I was planning to record it 🙂

stijn 2016-06-14T07:50:59.000009Z

i won't be able to attend tonight. my first BeClojure meeting that I'll have to skip 😞

r00z 2016-06-14T13:16:17.000010Z


r00z 2016-06-14T14:35:50.000011Z

r00z 2016-06-14T14:36:03.000013Z

I'll try to stream it

r00z 2016-06-14T16:48:56.000014Z

Correct link