(map increase-clojure-adoption belgian-programmers)
jcm 2016-10-10T17:16:27.000024Z

Hi, is there anybody out there?

haduart 2016-10-10T17:17:09.000025Z

hi! sure! 🙂

jcm 2016-10-10T17:23:11.000026Z

Hi, I am trying find clojure devs (belgian devs would be better) for a project in 2017. The final decision on using clojure is not taken yet but I am building a business case about it.

stijn 2016-10-10T18:05:19.000027Z

Hi @jcm

stijn 2016-10-10T18:05:45.000028Z

what exactly are you looking for? hiring? consulting?

jcm 2016-10-10T18:30:07.000029Z

Consulting (a priori)