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jgeraert 2017-06-28T08:06:41.302988Z

are you all belgians?

haduart 2017-06-28T08:14:43.413331Z

Don't thing so, I'm Spanish, from Barcelona, but I've lived in Belgium 6 years, 3 in Hasselt and 3 in Brussels. Now I'm back to Barcelona but I'm in Belgium few days per month for work :flag-be: 🍻 :truestory:

raymcdermott 2017-06-28T09:07:41.205504Z

I’m English living in Belgium

jgeraert 2017-06-28T11:23:09.038242Z

using clojure profesionally?

raymcdermott 2017-06-28T14:29:41.471973Z