@selfsame it's fun! 🙂

idiomancy 2016-08-26T17:29:46.000047Z

has anyone here worked with libgdx before? specifically, there seems to be an issue with their controller support. both triggers (left trigger and right trigger) are mapped to the 4th axis of the controller, rather than having separate axes. left trigger is 4th axis positive, right trigger is 4th axis negative soooo if you hold down both triggers, you get a net input of zero...

idiomancy 2016-08-26T17:29:55.000048Z

theres got to be a way to fix that.

oahner 2016-08-26T17:36:42.000049Z

@idiomancy you can poll whether each trigger is being pressed down with getButton

idiomancy 2016-08-26T17:37:05.000050Z

they aren't buttons though

idiomancy 2016-08-26T17:37:09.000051Z

they're axes

idiomancy 2016-08-26T17:37:15.000052Z

they have continuous values

idiomancy 2016-08-26T17:39:01.000053Z

so if the net value of the axis is, say, -0.25, you have no way of knowing what the value of each trigger is

idiomancy 2016-08-26T17:40:36.000054Z

-0.25 could mean LT 0.5 RT -0.75 or LT 0.4 RT -0.85

idiomancy 2016-08-26T17:40:41.000055Z

or a million other things

oahner 2016-08-26T17:42:26.000056Z

triggers aren't very reliable for that

oahner 2016-08-26T17:42:44.000057Z

altho, have you checked if your controller supports axes above 4?

idiomancy 2016-08-26T17:47:49.000058Z

the xbox controller?

idiomancy 2016-08-26T17:48:31.000059Z

yes it supports more than 4 axes. You can map them separately in JoyToKey

idiomancy 2016-08-26T17:49:02.000060Z

also, triggers should be exceedingly reliably for that, they're independently pressure sensitive axes

idiomancy 2016-08-26T17:50:14.000061Z

so, imagine having a mecha game like Robot Alchemic Drive where the left leg is moved with the left trigger, and right leg is moved with right trigger.

idiomancy 2016-08-26T17:50:37.000062Z

that would be completely impossible unless you had the independent values of those triggers

oahner 2016-08-26T17:53:03.000063Z


oahner 2016-08-26T17:53:57.000064Z

sure, triggers are reliable if you know exactly which controller you support

oahner 2016-08-26T17:54:10.000065Z

but not otherwise

oahner 2016-08-26T17:54:32.000066Z

in this case tho, I think it's a bug in lwjgl

oahner 2016-08-26T17:55:48.000067Z

which libgdx version are you running?

idiomancy 2016-08-26T17:56:16.000068Z


oahner 2016-08-26T17:56:27.000069Z

just for the fun of it, try 1.9.4

idiomancy 2016-08-26T17:56:37.000070Z

sure thing

idiomancy 2016-08-26T17:59:22.000071Z

same thing in 1.9.4

oahner 2016-08-26T17:59:58.000072Z

hmm, the fix I'm looking at only made it into lwjgl 3

idiomancy 2016-08-26T18:00:49.000073Z

what fix is that?

idiomancy 2016-08-26T18:01:10.000074Z

and is lwjgl the new or old version, hahaha

oahner 2016-08-26T18:01:20.000075Z

oahner 2016-08-26T18:01:32.000077Z

new one

idiomancy 2016-08-26T18:02:31.000078Z

huh. So. I suppose I need to look into how to use lwjgl 3

oahner 2016-08-26T18:02:49.000079Z

it might solve this particular issue

idiomancy 2016-08-26T18:06:32.000080Z

do you know offhand how to specify that you want an lwjgl 3 app? There's no Lwgl3Application class I can instantiate 😛 (that would be too easy i suppose)

oahner 2016-08-26T18:07:01.000081Z

sorry, I've never used it myself

oahner 2016-08-26T18:07:12.000082Z

I would start with changing the backend dependency

oahner 2016-08-26T18:07:30.000083Z

I think the controllers extension also needs another dependency for it

idiomancy 2016-08-26T18:08:01.000084Z

yeah, sure thing. I can do the legwork, I was just curious if you happened to know offhand. If its any work to figure it out, dont worry about it, thats my job.

oahner 2016-08-26T18:09:06.000085Z

I have to get ready for ludum dare myself 😛

idiomancy 2016-08-26T20:46:34.000086Z

fyi @oahner I was wrong, there is just a "Lwjgl3Application" class you can drop in and replace the LwjglApplication with

idiomancy 2016-08-26T20:46:45.000087Z

and the deps are super easy.

idiomancy 2016-08-26T20:47:05.000088Z

and, all the input works like a charm in 3