spiralganglion 2019-03-01T06:46:37.001200Z

Not that I'm aware of. You might want to listen to Defn Episode 29 for Zach's thoughts on that project, and what he's working on to further those goals.

spiralganglion 2019-03-01T06:46:39.001300Z

spiralganglion 2019-03-01T06:47:54.002100Z

Not sure what you mean by "modern equivalent", though. If you mean "can make more advanced games", take a look at Arcadia

spiralganglion 2019-03-01T06:47:56.002200Z

dottedmag 2019-03-01T09:28:16.003100Z

@ivanreese By "modern equivalent" I mean "Something that works". I downloaded Nightmod, ran it and it crashed somewhere in bowels of Java.

theeternalpulse 2019-03-01T18:52:07.003600Z

I've been learning racket and found dr racket is quite a charming ide