EmmanuelOga 2020-02-06T04:36:19.018400Z

re: rogue-like, Recently stumbled upon this:

EmmanuelOga 2020-02-06T04:36:36.018900Z

may be interesting for you guys if you are doing ascii like rogues

unbalanced 2020-02-06T12:35:52.019300Z

I feel ya!

Michael J Dorian 2020-02-06T14:45:09.019800Z

So is that like a text-tile equivaliant to tiled?

zygon4 2020-02-06T14:57:48.020600Z

@aaron-santos I don't have the new Clojure RL up yet, it's too new. I do have which is the first RL I attempted.

zygon4 2020-02-06T14:58:11.021Z

I've heard of Zircon, but haven't used it

aaron-santos 2020-02-06T16:16:40.021500Z

I wrote my own because Zircon didn't exist yet