onetom 2016-09-07T15:58:03.000027Z

I tried proto repl too. Not bad, but I had to do a lot of setup on atom to have similar editing experience as Sublime or IntelliJ. And then there is nothing like the JetBrains VCS commit/3-way-merge interface (for Mac) so it's not a comprehensive tool then... :/

onetom 2016-09-07T15:59:08.000028Z

One thing I found quite nice about proto-repl is that it supports boot too

onetom 2016-09-07T16:03:14.000029Z

But not having to run the app and yet being able to navigate it via find usages and go to definition is just something super useful and nothing else but Cursive can do. The rename/extract/inline variable functions are also very convenient...