Please introduce yourself! What do you like to do, with Clojure, around Houston, and otherwise?
Patrick Hildreth 2019-03-26T14:02:24.010600Z

do y’all think there’d be any interest in a clojure specific talk - something that showcases the java interop, etc?

Patrick Hildreth 2019-03-26T14:03:10.011600Z

I’ve got a game of snake that is less than ~200 loc

chrisoakman 2019-03-26T14:05:23.011800Z


adamfeldman 2019-03-26T14:28:18.012Z


Dmitriy Tadyshev 2019-03-26T15:06:36.012400Z


Patrick Hildreth 2019-03-26T18:13:57.013100Z

right on, I’ll try to get around to it this month. I’ll send out slides for input once I’ve completed it all