darnok 2015-11-18T06:03:09.000020Z

Mhm :)


no my tutaj mamy dużo w clj popisane


właśnie ściągamy webdeva z warszawy i zamierzamy go przeszkolić w cljs

chipf0rk 2015-11-18T21:40:16.000023Z

Hi everyone! I'm not good enough at Polish yet to ask in it here. I'm looking for companies in Wrocław which work with Clojure(Script), as I might move there next year. I thought this could be a good place to ask for contacts :)

chipf0rk 2015-11-18T21:41:57.000024Z

Well - reading the previous messages, I at least know enough Polish to see that @darnok was asking for about the same thing :D

jaen 2015-11-18T21:47:52.000025Z

Yeah, he did. I for one am not aware of anything in the vincinity of Wrocław. At the very least they do have a FP group though -

jaen 2015-11-18T21:48:58.000028Z

Trying to geet in touch with someone participating in it might be helpful.

chipf0rk 2015-11-18T21:49:20.000029Z

Will do, thanks!