nblumoe 2015-07-12T10:06:52.000206Z

Thanks a lot for organizing and attending this. It was really fun to coach at ClojureBridge. Looking forward to the next one and happy to coach again and/or help organizing. _b

ali_king 2015-07-12T14:57:55.000207Z

Fantastic - love the t-shirts!


@ali_king: We have a shirt for you! If you want we can send you one :simple_smile:


Because you helped us a lot as our mentor :simple_smile:

ali_king 2015-07-12T16:30:09.000210Z

@malwine: wow, thanks! Currently thinking about attending the Lesbians Who Tech summit in Berlin next month (work-dependent - September is busy for us!), so will let you know whether I might be able to collect it in person :)


Wow that would be soooo cool to see you here!


You're shirt will be waiting for you!

jellea 2015-07-12T21:13:48.000213Z

@ali_king: Cool! I still have a lot of awesome Clojurebridge stickers left :simple_smile: