nblumoe 2015-07-20T11:20:58.000002Z

@andrei @martinklepsch @plexus @jellea @malwine just answered the clojurebridge surveys. sorry, didnt find the time to do it immediately and then it slipped through until now. please get in touch if you need anything or want me to do anything. :simple_smile:


Ok, thank you! @nblumoe

andrei 2015-07-20T11:24:19.000005Z

@nblumoe: great, the response rate was lower than expected that’s why I thought that living it over the weekend is a good idea.

andrei 2015-07-20T11:29:05.000006Z

this evening I will try to see what are the final numbers - and discuss potential groups.

andrei 2015-07-20T11:29:33.000007Z

(discuss on the #clojurebridge-berlin channel)