eraserhd 2016-01-28T21:07:48.000008Z

@kf It would be the day before the conference?

eraserhd 2016-01-28T21:10:26.000009Z

Oh. I’ve not attended or volunteered at Clojure/west workshop before. (But have assisted for one ClojureBridge.)

kf 2016-01-28T21:19:34.000010Z

@eraserhd: The workshop would probably be the weekend before the conference (or earlier). The actual table stuff would be during the breaks between talks at the conference!

eraserhd 2016-01-28T21:25:36.000011Z

@kf: Oh drat. So “fly out early and help out” doesn’t work.

kf 2016-01-28T21:27:53.000012Z

@eraserhd: Ah, yeah. Clojure/West is on a Friday and Saturday this year, and ClojureBridge workshops generally happen on Friday evenings and Saturdays, so alas! It’d probably be at least a week before.