socksy 2016-03-22T02:00:24.000015Z

@mchampine: it seems that the curriculum branch is untouched though? That's where the nightcode changes were made in our branch:

socksy 2016-03-22T02:03:13.000017Z

the only other thing is that we opinionatedly removed the turtle example from the slide deck (out of a notion of both decomplecting and reducing imperative/functional confusion), so it may not be so easy to get just the nightcode changes (though a lot could be taken there, screenshots and REPL usage instructions etc)

mchampine 2016-03-22T04:01:04.000018Z

I see. Doesn't sound like a merge makes sense after all. We modified the "how to walk turtles" example to use nightcode. We also had some regret in not using a functional turtles example, but on the upside it is pretty natural/intuitive for beginners. We agreed we'd try to go functional next time though so we'll look at your stuff. We were certainly happy with the choice of Nightcode as IDE.