mchampine 2016-04-21T21:02:01.000004Z

Clojure stickers for ClojureBridge or meetups: I'd like to buy these in bulk, 100 at a time or more - but the only source I've seen for them is Zazzle. This has 2 issues I think. First, they appear to come only in sheets of 20; I'd much prefer individual stickers. Second, they cost ~0.50 each, which adds up quickly. The stickers they've given away at the Conj seem perfect (high quality, individual stickers). Does anyone know how they might they be obtained in bulk instead of the Zazzle sheets, and what they'd cost?

bruceadams 2016-04-21T21:12:25.000005Z

Also, the Zazzle stickers are lower quality than the stickers that have been handed out at Clojure/conj.

mchampine 2016-04-21T21:37:47.000006Z

Right, and also smaller. The Conj stickers are 2", the zazzle sheets are 1.5"