tmarble 2016-10-14T17:17:44.000051Z

@clojuregeek are you going to use our track 1 for Austin?

clojuregeek 2016-10-14T17:18:24.000052Z

well yes, i modified it a bit but going to use a version for CB Austin

tmarble 2016-10-14T17:18:54.000053Z

ok cool.. .we're in aggressive edit/cleanup mode... can you point me to your repo/changes? we should try to share!

clojuregeek 2016-10-14T17:19:51.000054Z

ok sure … i also have feed back from the workshop i did last weekend i can tell you about

tmarble 2016-10-14T17:20:25.000055Z


clojuregeek 2016-10-14T18:16:01.000057Z

hehe 🙂 .. i’ll give you a sticker when i see you 🙂

clojuregeek 2016-10-14T18:17:45.000058Z

our user group has stickers 🙂

tmarble 2016-10-14T19:05:03.000059Z

great! so do we! Jen gave me a Den of Clojure sticker last time -- I should collect them all 🙂

clojuregeek 2016-10-14T19:05:26.000060Z