jstaffans 2016-11-02T13:43:39.000076Z

@kauko, the slides are here:

jstaffans 2016-11-02T13:43:51.000078Z

maybe you'll find it there

kauko 2016-11-02T13:44:47.000079Z

"I think I am not interested", "I think I can not do it", "I want to learn but I don't know how".

kauko 2016-11-02T13:44:52.000080Z

Those are the ones I was talking about

kauko 2016-11-02T13:45:00.000081Z

Thanks btw, she already tweeted me about those 🙂

jstaffans 2016-11-02T13:45:11.000082Z

gotcha 🙂